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I've resolved my quick shifter issues on the Yamaha MT09

If you just after a quick answer, skip to https://youtu.be/RZa5nHcbwok?t=56 and https://youtu.be/RZa5nHcbwok?t=120

I few episodes ago, ok a lot of episodes ago, I mentioned that I was having issues with my Quickshifter not shifting properly but I recently worked out what I was doing wrong. Turns out there's nothing wrong with the Quickshifter, it was the way I was using it.


Videos for more detail on how the gearbox works

The crazy, funny and visually informative version, Bart at Donut Media;

Interesting, informative and quick version, Motorcyclist Magazine;

Some old dude who really likes the details, Kevin Cameron at

Cycle World;

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